JRI 4 – Surface Iron Jigs


JRI 4 Jigs are great for saltwater surface iron fishing targeting Yellowtail, Barracuda, Tuna, Calico Bass, and many pelagic species. With a great metallic painted finish. Color Shift Blue / Green is available.

Solid Aluminum
Hi-Gloss Finishes
VMC 4X 4/0 Treble Hooks
3.9 oz

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Blue / White, Scrambled Egg, Mint, Blue / Mint / White, Mint / White, Mint / White / Gold, Mint / Gold, Pearl White, Sardine, Anchovy (Chovy), Mackerel, Red Crab, Wounded Soldier Green (Red Tip), Wounded Canary Yellow (Red Tip), Canary Yellow, Dorado Green / Yellow / White, Dorado Green / Yellow, Olive / White, Olive Oil, Detroit Diesel Green, Chrome, Glow White, Black, Color Shift – Blue/Green, New Color 2