JRI 7 – Surface Iron Jigs


JRI 7 Jigs are great for saltwater surface iron fishing targeting Yellowtail, Tuna, and many pelagic species. This jig is similar to your classic 45 jigs in size and weight. Color Shift Blue / Green is available.

High Grade Aluminum
Hi-Gloss Finishes
Heavy Duty 4X 4/0 Hooks
2.9 oz

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Blue / White, Scrambled Egg, Mint, Blue / Mint / White, Mint / White, Mint / White / Gold, Mint / Gold, Pearl White, Sardine, Anchovy (Chovy), Mackerel, Red Crab, Wounded Soldier Green (Red Tip), Wounded Canary Yellow (Red Tip), Canary Yellow, Dorado Green / Yellow / White, Dorado Green / Yellow, Olive / White, Olive Oil, Detroit Diesel Green, Chrome, Glow White, Black, Color Shift – Blue/Green, New Color 2